Natural Treasure

Jewellery Making Workshop

Transform a native medicinal plant into a piece of jewellery

In this workshop we identify and collect local medicinal plants, and transform this native flora into silver using precious metal clay. Each participant will finish 3-4 silver ornaments in the four-hour workshop and choose one to take home as their own. The moulds you make will become the basis for a dictionary of local medicinal plants in silver for the Bí URBAN shop, a product range that will support long-term mission to build a greenway through North Central Dublin.

Bí URBAN staff, Miceal Murray of Taking a Leaf and our Resource Library will support participants, providing information on the identification, folklore and medicinal properties of the plants. 

The workshop symbolically connects the Botanic Gardens (plants) with the National Museum at Collins Barracks (decorative arts), the path of the Lifeline Greenway, while introducing participants to the folklore & medicinal properties of the flora thriving in North Central Dublin.


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Kaethe is an independent healthcare design consultant based in Dublin, Ireland.

A diverse range of experience contributes to her research approach including careers in the arts, nursing, organic farming, product design, and cross-disciplinary sustainable design development.

Her consultancy, desireland, focuses on the socio-cultural relationships that influence human well-being within the built environment and the promotion of integrated healthcare systems.