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Who are we?

Bí URBAN is a new studio for social creativity in the heart of Stoneybatter. We are a nature based social enterprise promoting health and well-being through the imaginative use of currently neglected resources (people, space, materials, systems) in Dublin’s Northwest Inner City Community.

Bí URBAN is home to a number of projects relating to our grand ambition, the Lifeline, a long-term plan to rejuvenate North Central Dublin's urban ecology by creating a green corridor that will connect the Botanic Gardens with the Liffey.


Bí Therapy & Shop

The Bí Therapy range and other products sold in the shop are either produced by us or carefully curated to demonstrate our ethos and principles. For example, Bí soap contains 50% carrier oils that would otherwise pose an environmental waste disposal problem (demonstrating the principles of industrial ecology and zero waste) and ingredients produced by our honeybee colonies in Broadstone Park.

We design our soaps, bath soaks, other products and their packaging, to bring you closer to the ideas behind Bí Urban, in a tangible way through use.



Our central area is devoted to workshops and exhibitions which invite you to discover our work through action-based learning. It is also home to a resource library comprised of specialist books used in our research. This library is open to the public to view in-house, providing an informal space to study and explore.

This area is also used for Lifeline planning sessions, events, gigs and is available to local groups for activities, events and meetings. The space provides an easy conduit for public engagement in our mission and process.



Bí Urban works as a hub for desireland projects, all of which address our goal to integrate productive green space into Dublin’s urban fabric. Each event, workshop and project is carefully orchestrated to communicate the importance of re-connecting nature, people and place. An example of this is our educational honeybee apiary and wildflower meadow in Broadstone Park, run in collaboration with Dublin City Council.

NatureRx is currently Bí URBAN’s main project. In other European countries, doctors use green prescriptions, hours devoted to interaction with nature per week, to benefit patient’s physical health and mental well-being. NatureRx is Bí URBAN’s Green Prescription for North Central Dublin.



We develop and create our product range on-site in collaboration with DIT using sustainable design research and development strategies. Having our on-site lab means we can facilitate demonstrations and training in the form of workshops, cooperative projects and internships.

We are always looking for new partners and collaborations that address our principals and mission. If you are interested in exchanging skills to develop a project/product/programme further and would like to explore the idea of working with us, please get in touch!