Bee Stewardship Workshop Series 2019

Workshops take place on Sunday Afternoons in Bí Urban from 2-5pm unless otherwise specified.

Full Tuition will include:

  • Seven Workshop sessions as described below

  • Tea and biscuits during the break

  • PDFs of all course matierials sent to participants by email

  • Transportation to Dumore Country School on June 30th

Introduction to Irish Bees

Dr Dara Stanley of UCD will provide an introduction to all 99 species of Irish bees and their role in human health.

Kaethe Burt-O’Dea will describe the six products of the hive and explain how the bees in our Broadstone Apiary contribute to the development of the Bí URBAN product range. A unique opportunity to taste and compare15 raw Irish honey will follow.

The Honeybee Apiary

Do you want to keep Honeybees?

Michelle Merne, Urban Beekeeper with hives in the Transport for Ireland Offices on Parkgate Street and St. Annes Park, will talk you through what is involved. This will include honeybee care, management, disease control and honey harvesting.

Building for Bees

Bait Hives, Commercial Hives, Wild Bee boxes and recent Innovations including the record-breaking Kick Starter sensation, the Flow Hive!

This is a fun hands-on workshop with Local Beekeepers Paul Spain and Kaethe Burt-O’Dea

Apiculture Outdoor Classroom 

A learning Journey with visits to our the honeybees in the Bí URBAN outdoor classroom in Broombridge and local wild Bee sanctuaries.

The afternoon will include an introduction to wild bee monitoring and the tradition of Bee Hunting with Paul Spain and Kaethe Burt-O’Dea

Urban Beekeeping

Bees are doing better in cities, why is this and what are the special challenges involved in maintaining an urban apiary? A conversation with a panel of Dublin City-based beekeepers who care for honeybees in back gardens, on roofs, and in public parks.

Suggested donation of €10

The Natural Beekeeper

Field Trip to Dunmore Country School, Durrow, Co Laois to meet expert gardener and natural beekeeper Tanguy Toulgeot who will provide two sessions.

Morning: Gardening for Bees

Afternoon: Beekeeping with Warre Hives.